Microwave Turntable Motors


Microwave Turntable Motors

microwave turntable motors


  • An electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation. Microwaves are used in radar, in communications, and for heating in <em>microwave</em> ovens and in various industrial processes
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microwave turntable motors – Pyle PLTTB1

Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable
Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable
Pitch Control: +/- 16%Strobe Light Illumination Weighted Tone Arm Cartridge and Stylus Included Dust Cover Included Start/Stop Button 33/45 RPM Dimensions: 16.93”W x 4.73”H x 14.57”D 110/220 V Auto Switching

An affordable option for listeners who value high-end sound but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, the Pyle PLTTB1 belt-drive turntable makes both classic LPs and modern vinyl sound like new. The device includes such features as a weighted “S” tonearm that tracks beautifully, dual playback speeds (33-1/3 and 45 rpm), and an adjustable pitch control of +/- 16 percent. The turntable also boasts a stroboscope lamp that shines on the outside-edge markings, making it easy to make precise speed adjustments. And should you need to quickly stop or start the platter, simply press the integrated start/stop switch and it’s done.
Other features include a nicely balanced counterweight, an anti-skating function, and a dustcover that protects the platter from dirt and debris. The PLTTBI also comes with a cartridge, stylus, and 45 rpm adapter, and measures 16.93 by 4.72 by 14.57 inches (W x H x D).
What’s in the Box
Turntable, dustcover, cartridge, stylus, 45 rpm adapter, user’s manual.


A crank ghost made from a microwave turntable motor. It is lit by a compact UV globe.
The crypt is a garden shed, The stone effect is a second hand queen size grey sheet. It is stuck to the wall with double sided tape in a brick pattern, with plastic bags stuffed behind each section to make the stones three dimentional. The mortar effect between the stones is just grey paint with sand in it. The skull bat is a plastic mask with the eyes covered from behind and polystyrene wings painted with the same sandy paint. It hasn’t been taken down and has withstood the weather for 3 years now.

My new baby

My new baby
Isn’t she (he?) sweet. The turntable motor on our old one gave out, and the part alone was $160. Made more sense to get a new one. Some of it’s new, wonderful features: turntable on/off, no exposed grilles on top (anyone else’s always get gunked up?), auto fan off (you can set the fan to turn off after however many minutes you want), 5 fan speeds maxing out at 300 CFMs!
microwave turntable motors

microwave turntable motors

Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and Applications (3rd Edition)
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